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About Time: Abolishing The Carceral State

  • Film Screening
    Thursday, Oct. 26, 4:15–7 p.m. Lang Performing Arts Center Cinema
  • Symposium
    Friday, Oct. 27, 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. Intercultural Center Dome, Sproul 201

Pennsylvania is among the most punitive states in the nation, and those incarcerated and under the supervision of the state are disproportionately Black and brown. Many believe that, at minimum, a reduction in the incarcerated population is critical to any shared just future. Our symposium will not only focus on the devastating impacts of the carceral state, but it will also highlight work that builds hope and mitigates harm, increases the capacity of communities to wage a more effective fight, and prepares the way for incarcerated people to return home as welcome contributors to their communities.