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Sharples Dining Hall

Campus Tour - Sharples Dining Hall Overview

Sharples is the central place where students gather to share meals and good conversation with one another.

Sharples, our full-service dining hall, offers a variety of meal plans and strives to serve local and organic food, minimize food waste, and conserve water and energy. It is also the future home of the Dining and Community Commons, which will provide new ways for students to gather together in spaces that promote reflection, rejuvenation, and relationship-building.

Tour Stop Overview Continued

“Some of my favorite memories here are late nights with friends talking about anything that comes to mind, from conversations about what we hope life after Swat looks like to those important debates over which meals at Sharples are objectively the best. (The answer is Local Foods Night!) It’s those nights when you’re completely exhausted but also excited enough to keep the conversation going, even though you should’ve been sleeping hours ago.” — Senior