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University of Pennsylvania Student Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

The Dean's Office offers travel reimbursements for Swarthmore students  who have been approved and are enrolled in class(es) at the University of Pennsylvania through the Quaker Consortium. Students traveling to and from Swarthmore's campus to the UPenn campus for classes are eligible to receive reimbursement for travel expenses for SEPTA  or mileage reimbursement for individuals choosing to drive their own car. 

Student travel reimbursements will not cover expenses to travel for library usage, labs, or practices at Penn, parking, gas expenses, car rental or car/taxi services.

The maximum reimbursement amounts for the semester are as follows:

1 day per week = $200.00 total for the semester
2 days per week = $325.00 total for the semester
3 or more days per week = $475.00 total for the semester

Once you submit for and receive the total maximum reimbursement amount allotted, any travel costs which exceed that amount become the responsibility of the individual student.  

Swarthmore students taking a class at The University of Pennsylvania must review UPENN's Quaker Consortium Student Guide.  Students are not permitted to use the following Penn Resources: Careers Services and the PennLink recruiting system, Student Employment, Student Financial Services, or Student Health Service.

What you need to submit in order to be reimbursed.

Complete the UPenn Student Travel Reimbursement form:

  1. Fill in your name, student ID number and UPenn course name
  2. List each date you traveled to class and the cost of the train fare
  3. Attach all receipts/train tickets to the form
  4. Submit completed forms through campus mail/ or drop off in the Dean's Office in Parrish Hall East, Room 140.

For students who opt to drive to Penn, reimbursements are for mileage only, parking or gas expenses are not reimbursed.  Mileage to and from Penn is calculated at a maximum of 20 miles round trip with $0.58 cents per mile for a total reimbursement of $11.60 per trip. 

Reminders for reimbursements are typically sent twice during each semester before Fall break and Winter break.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Deadline to submit travel reimbursement is no later than the last day of finals. If you are leaving campus before the last day of classes, you must submit requests for reimbursements and all receipts before leaving campus in order to be reimbursed. 

Please do not miss class due to lack of funds!  Feel free to email or stop by the Dean's Office (Parrish Hall East, Room 140) if you have any questions about how to get reimbursed or the schedule for reimbursements.  

For more information regarding how to register for a course at UPenn, please consult the Tri-Co, UPenn & Cooperative Agreements webpage on the Registrar's Office website.