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Mary Lyon Hall

Mary Lyon exterior


Allow us to provide you with a brief introduction to the magical land of Mary Lyon (ML). ML is like no other residence hall. Not only is it hidden from all but truly worthy Swatties, it also has everything one’s heart could desire. ML’s student-run weekend breakfast offers made-to-order crepes, omelets, and more!  At other times, this room is used for large group gatherings and all campus events. ML is a beautiful 15-minute walk to campus, a great opportunity to take a breather or enjoy the outdoors. Hate the outdoors? Never fear! The shuttles are here! They run mornings and early-late evenings, so you don’t have to worry about getting up even earlier for that 8:30 class or walking back in the dark after the library closes. ML fosters one of the strongest communities of Swarthmore’s residence halls. ML has a majority first-year population with a variety of other class years drawn back to its homey, quieter atmosphere. Most rooms have in-suite bathrooms shared with three to four students. The large first-floor communal lounge draws people from all floors to come together for homework, epic board game battles, or lively games of pool and foosball. ML has a distinctive welcoming spirit. It can be your home, too. 

Mary Lyon Facts

  • Occupancy: 112
  • Coed
  • Floor plans: G, 1, 2, 3
Mary Lyon interior

Mary Lyons Quote

Mary Lyon is the only residence hall with a student-run weekend breakfast offering of made-to-order crepes, omelets, and more.

Mary Lyon interior