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Local Foods Night

Apple Cider Fountain
Photo by Cristina Abellan-Matamoros '14

The annual Local Foods Night  began in the spring of 2007 by the Good Food Project and now is predominately organized by Sharples Dining Hall staff members. The event features food that is entirely grown by local farmers and has been a student favorite since the beginning.

"The food is delicious," says Ada Okun '11 from New York City, "and it's really nice to have things taste fresh."

"It was a pretty good change," agrees Rahul Garg '11 from New Delhi, India, noting that he had "never seen Sharples this full."

Daniel Hwang '11
Daniel Hwang '11
San Francisco, Calif.
''Local Foods Night is one of my favorite Sharples bars. It's good food, organic, and they even tell you where all the dishes are from. It feels good to be eating food that comes from sustainable practices and that supports the local farmers in Pennsylvania."

Labels are placed next to each food item so that students can see the origins of the ingredients in each dish.

"It is one of the most exciting dinners at Swathmore," says Yenna Purmasir '14. "Everything is incredible and I couldn't resist going back for seconds."

Sharples staff members work extremely hard for this day. They begin preparing food two to three days ahead of time because everything is prepared from a "raw" state.

"Local Foods Night is by far the best night at Sharples," says Kenneth Nieser'13 from Pittsburgh, Pa. "It is definitely worth it to get there early and enjoy good food while it lasts!"

Local Foods Night

Sharples Dining Hall staff members prepare food

preparing food for Local Foods Night