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Danawell Hall

Danawell Hall

Danawell is a newer residence hall that opened in 2016. Danawell is situated between Dana and Hallowell connecting the three halls together. The residence hall consists of mostly double-occupancy rooms for first years and sophomores with a few singles for juniors and seniors. Danawell features an elevator making it ADA accessible as well as a lounge on each floor with a view of the Crum woods. Together, the "Danawell" complex shares a joint lounge in Danawell referred to as the Danawell Connector that hosts activities from TV-watching to group meetings to registered parties. The space is reservable by students to host these various events. The connector lounge also features a  modern kitchen and attached patio with a grill for barbecues.

Danawell Facts

  • Occupancy: 75
  • Coed
  • Floor plans: G, 1, 2, 3, 4
Danawell interior

Danawell Quote

One of the newer kids on the block (opened in 2016), Danawell is a unique mixture of modern aesthetics alongside gorgeous views of the Crum Woods.