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Dana Hall


Dana is a modern residence hall set just on the edge of the Crum woods connected to Danawell and Hallowell, a nearly identical hall. Together, the "Danawell" complex share a joint lounge in Danawell referred to as the Danawell Connector that hosts activities from TV-watching to group meetings to registered parties. The space is reservable by students to hosts these various events. Doubles, home to mostly first-years and some sophomores, are spacious and offer lots of storage. Singles are home to mostly juniors and some seniors. Some rooms have dressers that are built into the closets. Walls are white cement block. The large bay windows have a storage area under the seat and are ideal for studying or lounging. Those who self-identify as female can choose to live on the all-female 3rd floor.

Dana Facts

  • Occupancy: 92
  • Coed (except for all-female third floor)
  • Floor plans: G, 1, 2, 3

Dana Quote

Dana’s spacious rooms offer plenty of storage and decorating potential—the perfect size for numerous lights and posters.