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The Bulletin

The Alumni Magazine of Swarthmore College

  • Winter 2021

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    Bulletin Cover Winter 2021 - Seeking Beauty in Turbulence
  • From the Editor

    IN THE SWIRLING image on this Bulletin cover, we observe how art moves. It can move us, too, allowing us to see in new ways.

    As 2021 begins, the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated with immeasurable consequences. In moments of such uncertainty, it is the gift (and perhaps the duty) of the artist to help illuminate.

    We reached out to Swarthmore’s painters, writers, dancers, and musicians to ask how they interacted with and responded to 2020 and its profound trials. They shared their experiences of weaving art in the midst of disruption. Faculty and students, too, energetically approached the year’s challenges with a renewed focus on learning in a time of upheaval. From Zoom calls to wind tunnels to a virtual orchestra, the Swarthmore community has redoubled its efforts in the rigorous pursuit of education. In these pages, we are also guided by the wisdom of Swarthmoreans who have tapped into their faith. Collectively, the stories remind us to stay invested in hope.

    This winter issue marks the beginning of a new year and a new sequence for the Bulletin. The magazine will be published three times annually, in winter, late spring, and fall. We are excited about this strategic shift. Not only does it support the College’s ongoing focus on sustainability, it also provides us with a chance for deeper storytelling and to share this new digital platform.

    Please accept our wishes for a safe and healthy 2021 as we share these stories of those who are creatively keeping the flames of knowledge alive, even in menacing storms.

    — Kate Campbell 

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