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Shameika Black

Shameika M. Black

At Swarthmore she designed her own academic concentration in Black Studies.

I dedicate significant time to volunteering in a variety of capacities including at church and in my local community. 

I am an also an active member of Swarthmore's Black Alumni Network and am a Co-Chair for the 10 year Reunion this year. Previously serving on the planning team and as a member of the Executive Committee, I lead efforts to fund summer internships for students. In both of these roles, I mentor young adults transitioning into their careers. 

As an alumni of the Princeton in Africa fellowship program, I create and facilitate development sessions for current fellows to reflect on and grow through their experiences abroad. I spearheaded the development of a formal mentorship program to match 50 fellows with alumni to provide personalized support. 

I recently finished my three year service on the Community Advisory Board for WHYY public radio in Philadelphia.