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Academic Program

Class taught by Cheryl Jones Walker

Sarah Willie-LeBreton, Professor of Sociology and Black Studies, in her office with students.

Course Minor

Students in any department may add an interdisciplinary minor in Black Studies to their departmental major by fulfilling the requirements stated subsequently. Applications for admission to the interdisciplinary minor should be made in the spring semester of the sophomore year through MYSwarthmore.

All interdisciplinary minors in Black Studies are required to take BLST 015: Introduction to Black Studies, ordinarily during their first two years, and four additional courses listed in the catalog that earn Black Studies credit. Honors minors must complete a two-credit honors thesis as one of these additional courses. Of these four additional courses, at least one of them must be outside of the departmental major, and no more than one course may be taken outside of Swarthmore. To be accepted into the minor a GPA of 3.0 in Black Studies related courses will be required. We strongly advise students to take a course in African or African diasporic history.


Honors Minor

All students participating in the Honors Program are invited to define a minor in the Black Studies Program. Honors minors in Black Studies do a single, two-credit preparation. This preparation is a two-credit thesis written under program supervision. Honors minors must meet all other requirements of the interdisciplinary minor in course.

The two-credit honors thesis must include work done for the interdisciplinary minor and should entail some unifying or integrative principle of coherence. In addition, an honors thesis must also include substantial work (normally 50 percent or more), drawing on a discipline that is outside of the student's major. The Black Studies Committee must approve the proposal for the two-credit honors thesis, normally during the fall of the student's senior year.

After consultation with the major department, minors may draw on these preparations to enhance or, where appropriate, to integrate their completed or ongoing senior honors study for the major. Work in Black Studies may be represented in the honors portfolio sent to the external examiner by the inclusion of an essay designed to enhance and/or integrate work done in two or more courses, a revised and enriched seminar paper or a term paper from a Black Studies course, a video or audio tape of a creative performance activity in dance or music, or other approved creative work.