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A Letter from Ghana

Shameika Black
Shameika Black is a junior who recently returned from studying abroad in Ghana. At Swarthmore she has designed her own academic concentration in Black Studies.

I am currently studying abroad at the University of Ghana in Legon. As a special major in Black Studies, it is vital that I understand and experience the origin of the African Diaspora first hand.

Ghana, in particular offers me a great place to further develop my personal understanding of the continuities throughout the African Diaspora. As a major point of departure for the African Slave Trade, the home to Pan-Africanism and Kwame Nkruma, and resting place of W.E.B. DuBois, Ghana is a wealth of knowledge for Black Studies.

My program here includes African drumming, which has been the most enriching and challenging class I have, and I now have actually seen where Hip-Hop is derived from. Twi, the language class, is another one of my favorites. I did not quite realize how much a culture is encompassed by their language until now.

I was also able to go to the FIFA 4th Division World Cup soccer match between Ghana and Sudan. It was great to see Ghana win!