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Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Sesquicentennial All-Alumni Weekend

father and daughter

10. To see friends you haven't seen in years.

9. To be seen by friends you haven't seen in years, some of whom might recognize you, even if you do look a bit different.

8. To help blow out 150 candles, thus preventing another historic campus fire.

7. To do things you didn't do when you were a student, such as sleep in a dorm.

6. To get carted around in a golf cart like Arnold Palmer.

 5. To attempt to solve the mystery of when "Swarthmorean" made the transition to "Swattie."

4. To attend the premier of a documentary film produced by alumni about Swarthmore College's 150 years.

3. To represent your class in the largest Parade of Classes in reunion history.

2. Nothing is certain, of course, but this could your last opportunity to attend a Swarthmore sesquicentennial reunion weekend.

1. Seriously, because it's gonna be lots of FUN!!!!

This year's reunion is open to ALL alumni from ALL class years. Check your mailbox in March for more information on the weekend's events, how to register, and more reasons why you don't want to miss this Alumni Weekend.

We hope to see you on campus June 6-8 to celebrate 150 years of Swarthmore College!