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1994 Chester Children's Chorus

Chester Children's Chorus

With seven boys, Associate Professor of Music John Alston creates a community of strivers and seekers in the Chester Children's Chorus. Now with more than 100 girls and boys of all ages who enjoy a summer program that includes science taught by College faculty members, African dance and drumming, and a reading program, the chorus makes far more than a joyous sound.

"While I hope that most of them will remain music-lovers and some of them will embrace classical music, what I really dream about for these kids is that they can go out and change the world," Alston says.

Alston's efforts to expand the chorus' successful model culminated in 2008 with the opening of what is now the Chester Charter School for the Arts. Students in the K-12 school, which graduated its first high school class in 2019, are immersed in a curriculum that combines rigorous academics with music, dance, and visual arts.