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1992 Intercultural Center Opens

After years of student interest and six months of formal planning, the Intercultural Center (IC) officially opened on April 4, 1992, with a series of events and an all-campus party. It originally consisted of three organizations - the Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness, the Swarthmore Asian Organization, and Action Les-B-Gay.  Since that time, the IC has come to comprise an ever-expanding group of students, including South Asian, multiracial, international, Muslim, low-income, and first generation college students.

Housed in the former Board of Managers room in Clothier Memorial Hall, the IC provides offices for these groups, as well as a large, shared meeting room. Resources and activities include faculty-student dialogues, lectures, concerts, films, poetry slams, and dialogue groups that explore issues of race, class, gender, sexuality, globalization, inter-ethnic relations, and cultural identity, with a particular emphasis on social justice education and leadership development.