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1967 Superweek

President Courtney Smith initiated a review of the College, resulting in the publication of Critique of a College (1967). Students called for, and got, classes and seminars canceled for the first week of December to allow everyone to digest and discuss the reports it contained.

During this "superweek," hall meetings and discussion panels dominated the campus. The Egg, Superweek's daily student newspaper, published articles detailing topics covered and ideas brought up during discussions for the duration of the week. Central topics included the creation of an engineering department, installing pass/fail courses, counting social/field work for course credit, the Quaker tradition, the College's relationship with students, and the role of women in academics and education. 

As Class President Lynn Etheredge '68 wrote in The Halcyon:

"Superweek showed the spirit and style of education at Swarthmore at its best. The atmosphere was intense and serious - yet lively. The small red Bibles were everywhere as people tried to decide what education at Swarthmore should be. ... Superweek highlighted for the campus community those attributes that animate education here and assure its quality: the excellence of the faculty, administration, and students; informal and small group contacts among students and faculty; and an atmosphere of serious, intense, and lively discussion of intellectual questions."

Smith later declared at Commencement that spring that adopting the recommendations would be "another giant step" in the College's history, similar to those enacted by his predecessor, President Aydelotte.