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1922 First Rhodes Scholarship

Alan Valentine '21, a three-sport star in basketball, football, and lacrosse, was the first of 30 Swarthmore students to be awarded a Rhodes scholarship. Valentine, who competed on the gold-medal winning American rugby team in the 1924 Summer Olympics, returned to Swarthmore to teach English and later became the youngest man, at 34, to be named president of the University of Rochester. He later served as a Marshall Plan official and as the first head of the Economic Stabilization Agency.


Swarthmore Rhodes Scholars:

Alan Valentine '21  

William Poole '30  

W.T. Jones  '31  

James Gardner '37  

William Prentice '37  

Linton Thorn '51

Frank Sieverts '55  

Michael Cook '64  

Franklin Apfel '67  

Stephen Hitchner '67  

Paul Stechtman '71  

Richard Harley '72  

William Ludwig Larsen '73  

John Kelly III  '80  

Heng Vee Wong '88  

Janice Hudgings '91, engineering

Jacob Krich '00, physics

Matthew Landreman '03, physics

Tafadzwa Muguwe '05, biology

Rebecca Brubaker '06, political science

Andrew Sniderman '07, political science and philosophy

Mark Dlugash '08, psychology and education

Caitlin Mullarkey '09, biology