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16 September 2015

SAC Meeting Minutes January 20, 2015

Attendees: Rose Maio, Ben Wilson, Trish Tancredi, Jessica Brangiel, Diane Fritz, Theresa Maguire, Sue Wigo, Pattie Kim-Keefer, Lynn Grady, Julie DiPietro, Danie Martin, Zenobia Hargust


  • 1. Wellness Initiatives (Terri Maguire HR)
    • Weight Watchers: $150 reimbursement if you have Independence Blue Cross Insurance. Beginning Feb 5, the College will also reimburse $60. The ten week session costs $135, so with the reimbursements from IBX and Swarthmore, participants won't have to pay for it.
    • If you can't make it to the weigh in sessions on campus, then you are allowed to go to a weigh in center that is convenient for you.
    • No cost fitness classes: This spring in the Matchbox. 5 classes per semester
    • Couch to 5K: April 23
    • Phys Ed classes: Beginning in March, the Phys Ed department will be opening up classes with students to faculty/staff. Because these classes are for-credit for students, faculty/staff will need to commit to attending classes. They're still working out all of the details.
    • Fit Bit Give away and Challenge: College is giving away 50 FitBits if you register for the Fit Bit Challenge. You must attend 4 meetings (hosted by the Athletics Dept) during the 8 week session. To register to win a FitBit, you must have IBX insurance, but you don't need to be insured through the College. Anyone with a Fit Bit can participate in the Challenge. 


  • 2. Childcare Subsidy Program (Terri Maguire HR)
    • Pilot program this year.
    • Qualifications: One subsidy per family. Child must under the age of six. Combined family income must be less than $85,000. FT and PT (.75FTE of above) and eligible. 
    • For a FT employee, the max subsidy will be $3000. For PT, the max subsidy will be $1500. Depending on how many people register, these numbers will change. Subsidy will be disbursed in a one lump sum. 
    • This is considered taxable income and cannot be processed through Dependent Care Spending Accounts. Recipients are responsible for claiming this on their taxes.
    • Application Period: Month of February


  • 3. Use of Faculty/Staff Digest (Zenobia Hargust, HR)
    • Debate over what gets put in the Digest and how to use it responsibly. Issue is that no department has ownership over it. 
    • 2013: HR, Communications, and ITS came together to make recommendations to senior staff on how to use this list serv.
    • HR has asked SAC to create a subcommittee to discuss and come up with new recommendations.


  • 4. Map House Use
    • Supposed to be faculty/staff lounge, but has been used for a variety of purposes. Currently being used for storage/setup space for large outdoor activities. 
    • HR has scheduling control but does not oversee the space.
    • HR has asked SAC to create a subcommittee to discuss and come up with new recommendations.


  • 5.  Michael Kappeler has left the college – so we will need another circle rep for Whittier Circle.


  • 6. Future SAC Meetings
    • Wednesday, February 17th 10:00 am in Gillespie Room Wistar Center
    • Wednesday, March 23rd  10:00 am in Gillespie Room Wistar Center
    • Wednesday, April 20th 10:00 am in Gillespie Room Wistar Center
    • Wednesday, May 18th 10:00 am in Sharples Room 4 (note change)