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Allan Friedman

Allan Friedman is a senior at Swarthmore College, studying computer science and public policy. He is fascinated by the broad range of public policy issues that can and must be revisited with the new perspectives of Information Technology. While all aspects of technology policy fascinate him, he has focused in his research on two areas: the interplay between social capital and IT, and the power the apparently neutral technologies have to effect policy by the very nature of their powers and constraints. Allan is also very concerned about the Digital Divide, and believes that properly implemented community technology solutions can help bridge the gap between those who have access to the new world of IT and those who don't.

Allan is a big fan of good conversation, good food and any variety of dance. He plays an active role in Swarthmore's Peaslee Debate Society, and founded the Ballroom and Swing Club. He spent a semester studying in Grenoble, France, where he ate a lot, traveled, learned to cook and even got to like the French.

You can reach him on the World Wide Web at .