Educational Studies

The Department of Educational Studies engages students in the investigation of educational theory, policy, research and practice from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. It encourages undergraduates to think critically and creatively about the processes of teaching and learning and about the place of education in society. It also prepares students to enter the teaching profession, to work in the areas of educational research or policy and/or to do graduate study in Education or a related field.

The Department is committed to preparing undergraduates to meet the needs of all students in an era of rapidly increasing racial, ethnic and linguistic diversity and technological change. Our introductory and upper level courses draw on multidisciplinary approaches including work in psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics and history. Students interested in education at Swarthmore may design a special major in Educational Studies and another discipline in either the course or Honors program; minor in Educational Studies in either course or honors; and/or complete the requirements for teacher certification.

Alumni who have majored or minored in Educational Studies have pursued a range of jobs and careers once leaving Swarthmore.  While some teach, others have become doctors or lawyers, worked in non-profits and policy agencies, or completed doctorates in education, sociology, anthropology, psychology, English, linguistics, and other fields.