Swarthmore in Brooklyn

Abby Kluchin '03, a religion Honors major at Swarthmore and now an adjunct faculty member at the Cooper Union, practices intellectual community building at the Brooklyn Institute. More

New Courses

The study of religion can offer deep and meaningful explorations into vital questions of identity, community, and selfhood in an academic setting. New Courses

Hiding in Plain Sight

In this talk, Assistant Professor of Religion Tariq al-Jamil explores the bodily practices and social behaviors associated with religious dissimulation - known as "taqiyya,” a practice in which a Shi’ite can lie about their faith in order to save a life - in 13th- and 14th-century Iraq. More

Making an Image for Swarthmore

Naia Poyer '14

Inspired by icons that she studied in Professor Steven Hopkins' class The Power of Images, Naia Poyer '14 made an icon of Lucretia Mott. More

Why Study Religion?

To explore how humans understand and experience the sacred, the self, and the world.

To celebrate the complexity and variety within religious life and thought.

To cultivate skills of reading, speaking, and writing.

To share in the delight of asking--and even risking answers to--questions about the meaning of life and the sources of human and social transformation.

To experience the knowledge that arises from an appreciation of the place of religion in human experience.

Reflections on the Study of Religion