Special Interest: Labor History at Swarthmore College

Over the past few months I have begun to organize and research materials related to labor activism at Swarthmore over the past ten years. I am currently working on a project to document the many initiatives that have come from employees to improve Swarthmore College as a workplace and enlighten the community on the importance of respecting the labor of staff, students and faculty at the College. Some documents are available on the Living Wage and Democracy Campaign website.

Staff Experience Ad Hoc Committee, 1997-2000

The efforts of this committee were instrumental in bringing major changes to structure of COSP, revisions to the agenda of the Staff Experience Long Range Planning Committee, first ever COSP-constituent meeting, co-sponsored by Ad Hoc and COSP, Community Meeting including staff, faculty, and students that composed proposals to the Staff Experience Long Range Planning Committee, new procedures in grievance.

Advocated for published salary scale information, which is now on the web.  

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