Living Wage and Democracy Campaign, 2000-

Living Wage Rally, April 4, 2002

Alana Price, Louisa Boiman, Al Bradbury (vocalists)



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Some highlights from the campaign . . .

Graduation 2002: "Bread and Roses" Demonstration

Flyer distributed at graduation:

Members of the class of 2002 handed bread and roses to President Bloom as we received our diplomas as a sign of our continuing commitment to the achievement of a living wage for Swarthmore staff.

In January 1912, textile workers in Lawrence, Mass. went on strike to protest a cut in their wages. The strike was successful, lasting just two days. Demands for a wage increase for lowest-paid workers, overtime pay and a reduction of the working week were all met. The men and women who participated in the strike sang for 'bread and roses': bread represents basic needs and roses represent dignity. The SLWDC aims at securing both a minimum wage that is commensurate with costs for basic needs of food, housing and health care in Delaware County and at making Swarthmore a more democratic workplace. 

Rally: "Keep on Moving Forward"

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