Public Policy Program

Public Policy

Swarthmore's Public Policy Program prepares students to study, evaluate, and generate solutions for today's policy challenges facing governments, regulatory authorities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Domestic and international public policies are considered as part of an interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses topics such as social welfare, health, energy, education, environment, food and agriculture, and national and global security, among others. The Public Policy Program offers a minor that is designed to complement a student's academic major in any field, and students are encouraged to study topics relevant to their major with a public policy perspective.

The faculty of Public Policy Program and the Curriculum Committee have determined that policy-related courses and internships have become so ingrained in the College's curriculum that the interdisciplinary program has become redundant. All current students, through the class of 2016, will be able to pursue a minor in public policy. After that time, students may continue to take all of the same courses through the economics, educational studies, engineering, history, mathematics and statistics, and political science departments, but the public policy minor will no longer be offered. Internships related to public policy will continue to be supported by the College, even after the program ends.