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NOTE: All courses numbered 011-099 have prerequisites: you must have taken an introductory history course here at Swarthmore (#001-010) OR have proof of an AP score of 4 or 5 or an IB score of 6 or 7 in history.

Distribution Requirements

Fall 2014
001d 1st Year Seminar: China and the World: A History of Collecting Chen
001e 1st Year Seminar: Past & Present in Latin America: Problems & Researching Tools Armus
003a Modern Europe, 1789 to 1918: The Age of Revolution and Counterrevolution  [pdf] Hazanov
005b The United States from 1877 to the Present Murphy
007b African American History, 1865 to the Present A.Dorsey
021 London Beyond Control Azfar
039 Picking up the Pieces: Rebuilding Russia after the Collapse of Communism Weinberg
045 The United States Since 1945  [pdf] Murphy
046 The American Civil War  [pdf] B. Dorsey
061 Histories of Water Azfar & Cho
078 China, Capitalism, and Their Critics Chen
082 Networks, Simulations, Information: Cultural Histories of Digital Media Burke
083 What Ifs and Might-Have-Beens: Counterfactual Histories Burke
084 Modern Addiction: Cigarette Smoking in the 20th Century Armus
090g Black Liberation 1969 A.Dorsey
091 Senior Research Seminar  [pdf] Murphy & Weinberg
131 Gender and Sexuality in America B.Dorsey
149 Reform and Revolution in Modern Latin America Armus


Spring 2015
001j 1st Year Seminar: A New History of the Cold War Era Murphy
001r 1st Year Seminar: Remembering History  [pdf] B.Dorsey
002b Early Modern Europe Azfar
004 Latin American History [pdf] Armus
008b Mfecane, Mines, and Mandela: Southern Africa from 1650 to the Present Burke
009a Premodern China Chen
027 Living with Total War: Europe, 1912-1923 Weinberg
043 Antislavery in America B.Dorsey
058 Africa in America: Gullah/Geechee Life and Culture A.Dorsey
059 The Black Freedom Struggle: From Civil Rights to Hip Hop A.Dorsey
066 Disease, Culture, and Society in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives [pdf] Armus
074 The Consuming Passions: Visual and Material Cultures of East Asia Chen
090e On the Other Side of the Tracks: Black Urban Community A.Dorsey
090j INTP Capstone: Discipline + Culture (Cross-listed as ENGL 086 and INTP 091) Azfar & Buurma
090o Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States' Involvement [pdf] Armus
116 European Intellectual History: Pathways to the Enlightenment Azfar
128 Russia in the 19th & 20th Centuries Weinberg
135 Labor and Urban History Murphy


Fall 2015
001q 1st Year Seminar: Angels of Death: Russia Under Lenin and Stalin Weinberg
001r 1st Year Seminar: Remembering History  [pdf] B. Dorsey
002a Medieval Europe  [pdf] Bensch
003b Modern Europe, 1890 to the Present: The Age of Democracy and Dictatorship  [pdf] Weinberg
005a The United States to 1877  [pdf] B. Dorsey
006a The Formation of the Islamic Near East  [pdf] Bensch
035 The Modern Jewish Experience Weinberg
049 Race and Foreign Affairs  [pdf] Murphy
050 The Making of the American Working Class  [pdf] Murphy
090b Irish History Murphy
090i Technologies of the Cold War: AK-47, Structural Adjustment, Green Revolution Burke
091 Senior Research Seminar Burke & Chen
111 Muslims, Christians, and Jews in The Medieval Mediterranean Bensch
145 Chinese Feminism Chen


Spring 2016
001a 1st Year Seminar: The Barbarian North  [pdf] Bensch
001k 1st Year Seminar: Engendering Culture  [pdf] Murphy
008c East Africa Burke
009b Modern China Chen
012 Chivalric Society: Knights, Ladies, and Peasants  [pdf] Bensch
038 Russia in the 20th Century  [pdf] Weinberg
046 The American Civil War B.Dorsey
052 History of Manhood in America B.Dorsey
075 Thinking Hands: Work and Craft in Premodern China Chen
077 Fashion in East Asia Chen
090h Africans Explore/Africa Explored: A History of Travel by Africans and To Africa Burke
128 Russia in the 19th & 20th Centuries Weinberg
130 Early America in the Atlantic World B. Dorsey
135 Labor and Urban History Murphy