Music Minor in the Honors Program

Music Minor in the Honors Program

Revised, fall 2015. These requirements apply to members of the class of 2018 and subsequent years. Majors and minors who plan to graduate in 2016 and 2017 will fulfill the requirements of the previous academic program.

The music honors minor curriculum normally includes the following components. Every student’s program is subject to approval by music faculty, taking into consideration the student's background and goals. We welcome individualized proposals, which are evaluated and approved on the basis of consultations with the music faculty. We emphasize the importance of depth and mastery of musical skills and understanding, and we also recognize the value of studying the diversity of musical cultures.

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Honors Minor

Minimum number of required courses:

Eligible Courses:

Music Theory:


Music 11*, 12*


two semesters

Music 40a*, 40b*

Music History and/or Ethnomusicology:


Music 20, 21, 22(W), 23(W), MuDa 10 


two semesters

Orch, WE, Jazz, Gamelan, Chorus/Choir, Taiko



Any course, upper or lower level. May include Dance or Theater with Dept. approval.

Keyboard Proficiency:


Keyboard Exam*

Honors Preparation:


Upper level elective (linked to one course)