Honors Music Major

Music Major in the Honors Program

The music major in Honors is identical to the music major in Course in its prerequisites, required coursework, and requirements for keyboard skills, score reading, and Department Ensemble membership. The Honors major differs in that there is no senior comprehensive exam. Instead, Honors Majors do three Honors Preparations in Music.

The Three Honors Preparations

Music Theory

    A 2-credit Honors Preparation in Music Theory is normally based on Music 115 in combination with one lower-level Harmony & Counterpoint course.

Music History

    A 2-credit Honors Preparation in Music History may be based on any Music Seminar numbered 100 or higher, or on any other music history course when augmented by concurrent or subsequent additional research, directed reading, or tutorial, with faculty approval.

Elective (may be based on any of the following)

    - at least two semesters of Music 119 (Composition)
    - an additional preparation in another area of Music History
    - a Senior Honors Recital

Senior Honors Recital

A 2-credit Senior Honors Recital Preparation is available only to students who have distinguished themselves as performers. It is therefore limited to those who have won Freeman Scholarships. Students who wish to pursue this option must follow all of the steps listed in the Departmental Guidelines for Senior Recitals and obtain approval of their program from the music faculty during the semester preceding the proposed recital. They should register for Music 99, Senior Honors Recital. This full credit, together with at least another full credit of coursework in music, will constitute the two-credit Honors preparation. One faculty member will act as head advisor on all aspects of the honors recital. As part of the Honors recital, the student will write incisive program notes on all of the works to be performed and an essay on one of the pieces to be performed. This work will be based on substantive research --- including analytical as well as historical work --- and will be overseen by one or more members of the music faculty.

Students are encouraged to propose Honors preparations in any areas that are of particular interest, whether or not formal seminars are offered in those areas. The music faculty will assist in planning the most appropriate format for these interests.

Written and Oral Examinations for Honors Preparations

Oral examinations are given for all Honors Preparations in music. Written examinations, in addition to oral examinations, are given only for those Preparations based on courses or seminars.