Majoring/Minoring in Music at Swarthmore

Academic Program

The study of music as a liberal art requires an integrated approach to theory, history, and performance, experience in all three fields being essential to the understanding of music as an artistic and intellectual achievement.

We do not have a minimum GPA for admission as a major or minor. Rather, the music faculty must achieve consensus that the student can do good work in the discipline. A major (or minor) should have basic musical as well as purely intellectual abilities, not all of which can be measured by a GPA. We also consider the likelihood of a student's ability to successfully complete the comprehensive project. Students applying for admission as majors in the Honors Program will have done exceptionally high-quality work in the department and will have shown strong self-motivation.

Prerequisites for acceptance into the program: Music 011/40A and one Music History course numbered 20 or above. These courses are strongly recommended for first-year students and should be completed before the junior year. If a student has not completed these prerequisites at the time of application for a major/minor, but has done good work in one or more courses in the department, he or she may be accepted on a provisional basis.