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Jane Addams with American Delegation to International Conference of Women, The Hague, 1915

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Pictured in photo collage: 1) Martin Luther King Jr. [SCPC photo; collection unknown]; 2) Esther Eichel picketing in front of White House for the release of her conscientious objector son, Seymour [half-tone image from newspaper clipping, Philadelphia Daily News, May 21, 1957; Eichel Family Papers (DG 131), Box 8]; 3) Stop War button [click here for more information]; 4) No More War demonstration, in Philadelphia? (PA), ca. 1920s [7" x 5" sepia cabinet card; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Records (DG 043)]; 5) Jane Addams, ca. 1888-1892 [3" x 4" sepia photo; Jane Addams Papers (DG 001)];6) G.I. March, San Francisco, California, October 12, 1968 [10" x 8" black and white photograph, cropped; credit: Internews, Berkeley, California; Indochina Resource Center Records (DG 167)]

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