Study Abroad - 留学

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University of Tokyo Exchange Program

Where: Based at the University of Tokyo Komaba Campus in West-Central Tokyo. Eligible students can take classes throughout the University of Tokyo system.
Who: Students from University of Tokyo partner universities around the world
Housing: Dormitories
When: Full year or semester basis. Fall Semester: September - December (plus optional winter term); Spring Semester: April - August.

Special Features:

  • Exchange relationship with Swarthmore College. A broad range of courses available on Japanese culture, society, politics, and economy. Three levels of Japanese instruction from 1st year. 
  • International program drawing students from around the world; extensive Swarthmore College - Tokyo University alumni network.

Qualifications: Students should be 3rd or 4th year students recommended by home institution. No language requirement to apply.

Application deadline: Students interested in applying should speak with the staff at the Off-Campus Study Office. Internal deadlines (rolling admissions) are around October 1st for Spring Semester and January 1st for Fall Semester and Academic Year applicants.

Associated Kyoto Program (AKP)

Where: Doshisha University in Central Kyoto
Who: 40-50 American college students, primarily from consortium liberal arts colleges
Housing: Homestays with Japanese families
When: Semeter and Full-Year Options available, though priority will be given to applicants for the full academic year. Fall semester: around Sept 1 through December 21; Spring semester: around January 5 through April 21.
Special Features:

  • Five levels of Japanese language instruction from 2nd year up. Elective courses taught by professors of consortium schools. Classmates from peer liberal arts institutions.
  • Location in the heart of Kyoto.


Applicants should usually be Juniors, have at least a year of Japanese, and have taken at least one other Japan-related course. They should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and a cumulative average of “B” or above in their Japanese language courses.

Application deadline: Full-Year and Fall semester applicants: around January 9; for Spring semester only applicants: around September 25.


Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS)

Where: Imadegawa campus of Doshisha University, just  north of the Imperial Palace in central Kyoto.
Who: 40-50 students, primarily American undergraduates from consortium schools
Housing: Most students in the program stay with host families; a few stay in apartments leased by the program.

  • Fall semester: c. Sept. 1 - Dec. 18
  • Spring semester: c. Jan 2 - Apr. 9

Special Features:

  • Small, intensive language courses. Some courses taught by consortium professors. Classmates from leading U.S. institutions. Location in Kyoto.
  • New affiliations with Kyoto University and Doshisha University.

Qualifications: Open to students of third-year Japanese level and above (3+ for spring semester students). Second-year Japanese may be completed at an approved summer program.

Application deadline: Fall/Year: around Feb 15  Spring: around Sept 15


IES Nagoya

Where: Nanzan University's Center for Japanese Studies, outside Nagoya, Japan's 3rd largest city.
Primarily American university and college students, joining international students at Nanzan's CJS
Housing: Most students stay in homestays, but some stay in private dorms or the Nanzan University International Residence Hall.

  • Fall semester: c. Sept 1- Dec. 22
  • Spring semester: c. Jan 6- May 20

Special Features:

  • Intensive Japanese classes. Five levels of Japanese from beginning level. Additional Japanese courses for advanced students.
  • Location in central Japan; program features several field trips.

Qualifications: 3.0 GPA or better overall, and 3.0 GPA in Japanese courses. Students should be sophomores or above; and should have completed at least one year of Japanese study. Applicants must complete both IES and Nanzan University application forms.

Application deadline: Fall/Year: about March 1. Spring: around August 2.

Summer Programs

Hokkaido International Foundation (HIF)

Location: Hakodate, Hokkaido

Japanese language courses: 1,5, 2nd, 2,5, 3rd, and 4th year Japanese. Three hours daily instruction w/options for cultural activities.

Length: about June 9 to August 6 
Size of Enrollment: About 70
Homestay: Mandatory
Tuition + Homestay fee: $4,600, *homestay fee includes accommodations and food, and cost for class material.

Application deadline: February 11 (post marked)

Princeton in Ishikawa (PII)

Location: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa
Japanese language courses: 2nd, 2,5, and 3rd year Japanese. Three hours daily instruction w/options for cultural activities.
Length: about May 28 to July 22 
Size of Enrollment: About 45
Homestay: Mandatory
Tuition + Homestay fee: $4,600, *homestay fee includes accommodations and food, and cost for class material.

Application deadline: February 18

Asia in Today's World, Kyushu University Summer Program (ATW)

Location: Fukuoka city, Fukuoka (Kyusyu)
Japanese language courses: 1,5, 2nd, 2,5, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year Japanese. Three hours daily instruction w/options for cultural activities. Content courses in English are offered in the afternoon.
Length: around June 27 to August 5
Size of Enrollment: About 70
Homestay: Optional
Tuition: Approximately $900
Accomodation fees: Approximately $1,000-$1500 *does not include meals

Application deadline: around February 26

Middlebury College

Location: Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont
Japanese language courses: 1st, 1,5, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th year Japanese. Four hours a day in the morning. Options for cultural activities in the afternoon.
Length: about June 10 to August 5 
Size of Enrollment: About 90
Accomodation: Dorm (Japanese only language pledge)
Tuition + Accomodation: $9461 (scholarships available to many students)

Application deadline: Rolling admissions-- typically fills in February

Special full scholarship Opportunity: Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace

Other Programs of Interest

Japan-America Student Conference

Student-managed 30-day forum, held in Japan and the U.S. in alternate years.

Critical Languages Scholarship Program

Fully funded 7-10 weeks intensive summer language institute in Japan, sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Concordia Japanese Language Village, Concordia College, Minnesota

Summer job opportunities to work as a counselor for a Japanese-language camp for students of elementary through high school age (ages 7-18).


Swarthmore Project Japan Summer Research Grant

The Project Japan Fund supports summer research for students exploring contemporary issues that challenge Japan.

Japanese Summer Language Fellowship

The Japanese Summer Language Fellowship provides opportunities for students to study at intensive summer language programs recommended by the Japanese Section of the Modern Languages and Literatures Department. 

Please visit the following links for further information on Scholarships and Swarthmore grants for summer research in Humanities.

Bridging Scholarship (for language study in Japan during academic year)

IIE Study Abroad Funding Portal

Freeman Awards for Study in Asia

Swarthmore students studying abroad in Japan.