Faculty Staff Development Workshops

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Spring 2017 Faculty/Staff Development Workshop
March 7 - 9

The workshops being presented are designed to provide more opportunities for employees to build upon skills and competencies. These informative sessions also serve as an opportunity to network with other faculty/staff members. Our sessions will highlight diversity and inclusion, conflict management, financial planning, healthy cooking demonstrations, physical/mental wellness activities and much more! We look forward to sharing available knowledge drawn from our own faculty/staff, as well as welcoming external experts to our campus to enrich these 3 days of learning.


Tuesday March 7

11:30am - 1:30pm --- Managing Up
(Kohlberg Hall- Scheuer) 

Having a healthy, positive relationship with your boss makes your work life easier and more fulfilling. Your ability to make and influence decisions that impact faculty, staff, students and our community are essential ingredients to our collective success.  Managing Up will kick-off the 3-day workshop series with a special focus on  effective listening skills which will serve us as we partner and collaborate during our three days together and in our various work roles.

There are four specific outcomes for this session.

1.       Hone listening skills to enhance relationships

2.       To create a common definition of Managing Up that anchors to our spirit of Collaborative Engagement

3.        Understand the 12 guidelines to managing up and create a self- customized plan for putting the guidelines into immediate practice with your boss and other leaders

4.        Enhance your confidence in having conversations with faculty, staff and students at all levels of the college community

Register for Managing Up. Lunch will be provided.

Presenter: Deena Benner, MSOD, Executive Coach and Consultant of Redshift Leadership


3:00pm - 4:00pm --- So, What Are you Reading?
(McCabe Library - Popular Reading Room)
Join us for an informal discussion about books you are currently reading, ones you've read recently, or books you are planning to read! Here is a chance to share your literary likes and dislikes, and introduce others to authors and books they might not otherwise know about. Don't have a book to share? That's ok, come get some reading ideas!

Register for So, What Are you Reading?

Presenter: Nabil Kashyap, Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Scholarship



Wednesday March 8

7:30am - 8:45am --- The Mind-Body-Money Connect: Tools for Easing Anxiety
(Clothier - Upper Tarble)

Most of our fearful and anxious thoughts in contemporary culture get triggered around financial issues—feeling like we don’t have enough, don’t make enough, won’t have enough in the future, etc. Without being conscious of this, we’re running the message of “I’m not safe” through our nervous systems 24/7. Not only can this make it difficult to relax and enjoy life in the day-to-day, it can block us from taking meaningful action toward our dreams and goals, and can also wreak havoc on our physical health over time. In this workshop you'll learn easy-to-use mind-body tools for easing anxiety, so you have more present-moment clarity, creativity and energy for moving through the challenges of life (financial and otherwise). 

Register for The Mind-Body-Money Connect: Tools for Easing Anxiety

Presenter: Emily A. Snider, Certified Reflexologist and TAT Professional 


9:00am - 10:15am --- Love your feet: An Introduction to Foot Reflexology for Self-Care
(Clothier - Upper Tarble)

The feet are the foundation of our structure, the springboard of our mobility and, with more nerve endings per square inch than any other part of the body, a powerful portal for accessing the entire nervous system. In this workshop you’ll discover the benefits of self-care techniques applied to specific power points in the feet, including the brain reflex (for releasing endorphins), endocrine reflexes (to relieve pain and release stress) and the diaphragm reflex (for deepening the breath and creating calm in the body). While you will be invited to take off your shoes and socks, this is not mandatory for attending. For those more comfortable working on their hands rather than their feet, the corresponding reflex points on the hands will be demonstrated as well.  

Register for Love your feet: An Introduction to Foot Reflexology for Self-Care

Presenter: Emily A. Snider, Certified Reflexologist and TAT Professional 


10:30am - 11:45am --- Making Sense of a Changing Climate: the Science, the Politics, and the Solutions
(Kohlberg Hall - Scheuer)

In this session we will provide a basic overview of the science of climate change, the solutions - both technical and the complementary policy, business, and civil society leadership needed to implement them - and explore the current political environment in the United States. We will also touch on the role of the individual and of our local institutions, including Swarthmore College, in moving us towards a healthy future. Plenty of resources will be offered for where to go to learn more.

Register for Making Sense of a Changing Climate: the Science, the Politics, and the Solutions

Presenter: Aurora Winslade, Director, Sustainability, Swarthmore College; Eric Jensen, Professor of Astronomy, and Melissa Tier, Sustainability Program Manager


12:00pm - 1:00pm --- Healthy Cooking Demonstration
(Sharples Dining Hall)

Come make yourself a healthy lunch with our very own award-winning culinary team! Swarthmore Dining Services chefs recently earned a silver medal at an American Culinary Federation Conference and Competition, and now they will share some healthy cooking tips and knife skills with you.  Attendees will be preparing lunch for themselves during the session and are encouraged to ask questions throughout. Take-out boxes will be available. No prior experience required. Registration is limited.

Register for Healthy Cooking Demonstration

Presenters: Benton Peak, Executive Chef & Richard Plummer, Sous Chef, Swarthmore College


1:30pm - 2:45pm --- Understanding Social and Political Psychology
(Kohlberg Hall - Scheuer)

Join Professor John Blanchar as he shares findings from the Social and Political Psychology Lab at Swarthmore.  The lab investigates the psychological bases of political ideology, status quo preference and change, motivated reasoning, and prejudice and stereotyping.  He will share the latest research on political attitudes, partisan conflict, and voting preferences in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, and also answer with participation from the audience.

Register for Understanding Social and Political Psychology

Presenter: John C. Blanchar, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Swarthmore College

3:00pm - 4:15pm --- Floral Arranging- Scott Arboretum Style 
(Gillespie Room, Wister Center)

If you've admired the Scott Arboretum flower arrangements gracing various spots on campus  and want to learn more about who and how these are made, join several of the  Arboretum Assistants who serve as volunteer arrangers for this session and  make an arrangement yourself.  The team will  give you an overview of our program,  discuss considerations of using plants from your own garden for arranging,  demonstrate some basic arranging approaches and then coach and cheer lead you on to make a take-home arrangement yourself.  Advance registration required; limited to 20; all materials provided.

Register for Floral Arranging - Scott Arboretum Style

Presenter: Margo Coffin Groff, Helen Lightcap, Susan Mintun, Barbara St. John, Scott Arboretum Volunteers, Swarthmore College


Thursday March 9

9:30am - 1:30pm --- Intercultural Understanding
(Kohlberg Hall - Scheuer)

Are you able to effectively navigate encounters with individuals of different races, cultures, or backgrounds?  Do you have interactions that result in a different impact from what you intended?  This workshop will focus on the importance of self-awareness, empathy and other skills that help individuals engage a process of intercultural development in order to more effectively navigate the complexity of human differences and similarities.  In addition, you may find out some new things about yourself.

Register for Intercultural Understanding. Lunch will be provided.

Presenter: T. Shá Duncan Smith, Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Development; Jason Rivera, Ph.D., Director of the Intercultural Center, Swarthmore College