Employment FAQ: Current Employees

FAQs: Current Employees

What do I do if I wish to apply for a position internally?

An updated listing of staff position vacancies is continuously available on the Human Resources Web site, viewable by clicking on Employment Opportunities. The listing provides the title and a brief summary of the jobs currently available, as well as the minimum position requirements.

If an individual wishes to apply for employment, he/she should complete an electronic Swarthmore application. The electronic application form can be accessed at the bottom of each employment opportunity listing by clicking on the application box. Completed applications and resumes are submitted directly from the web site. For those individuals without access to the internet, a dedicated computer and individual assistance is available in the Human Resources office, Pearson 110.

What is adequate time for the submission of a resignation?

Employees are requested to give written notice of resignation to their supervisor as far in advance as possible to minimize the vacancy time of the position. The notice should state the last working day. At least two weeks notice is appropriate.

Whom do I contact for an exit interview?

Employees voluntarily separating from Swarthmore should contact Zenobia Hargust (x8398) in the Office of Human Resources as soon as they have notified their supervisor of their separation. Exit interviews are required of all employees separating from Swarthmore as a voluntary termination. The exit interview also affords employees the opportunity to discuss post-separation benefits such as COBRA health insurance and life insurance options.

Whom do I contact about retiring from the College?

Employees who are planning on retiring from the College should contact the Human Resources Manager (x8397) in the Office of Human Resources.