Federal Direct Loan Guidance

Federal Direct Loan Resources:

For Entrance Counseling

Entrance counseling is to be completed online at: www.studentloans.gov. (Login required using the borrower's personal identifying information as welll as an FSA ID. Find instructions on how to create an FSA ID here).  A guided information session about federal loans will be held during the third day of orientation as well.

  • Before your Federal Direct Loan is credited to your account, we are required by the federal government to inform you, the borrower, of the terms of your loan, repayment and interest rate information, as well as provide you resources to keep track of your loan amounts.
  • This orientation session encourages students to ask questions before problems arise, to practice financial planning while at Swarthmore and introduces them to financial aid office personnel. 
  • Students are welcome to schedule individual appointments in regard to specific questions. However, financial literacy events are held a few times each semester covering a variety of  general money topics including loan repayment and budgeting.

For Exit Counseling

Exit counseling is to be completed online at: www.studentloans.gov. (Login required using the borrower's personal identifying information as well as an FSA ID. Find instructions on how to create an FSA ID here)

  • Before any student who has borrowed leaves the College, we are required to offer an informational session providing resources for their specific loan questions.
  • We understand our students venture out into the world in creative and unique paths. We are prepared to offer specific and detailed guidance in regard to any number of scenarios and specific questions.
  • An online session through the Federal website allows the student to view real time loan amounts borrowed, interest rates and accrued amounts as well as run different budgeting scenarios for planning and decision making. We also encourage our seniors to meet individually with the financial aid office to address any unique concerns. Appointments can be scheduled throughout the year and even as an alumnus.

For calculators, repayment information, and budgeting tools to explore on your own

To see your specific loan amounts or gather your loan servicer's contact information