Study Abroad

Statue of Mafalda in the San Telmo neighborhood, ​Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Statue of Mafalda in the San Telmo neighborhood, ​Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Study abroad is an enriching intellectual experience when it is fully integrated into the student's overall academic experience at Swarthmore. Since the principal educational advantages of study abroad are in-depth cross-cultural exposure and language learning, the best study abroad programs are those that maximize these benefits by fully immersing students in the host country's culture and society. This goal can only be effectively achieved by choosing full immersion study abroad programs. Pursuing academic coursework in English in a Spanish-speaking country does not comply with the academic goals and mission of the Spanish section.

The Spanish section encourages students to choose programs that build on previous language study. In order to be better prepared for academic work in Spanish, we recommend that students take a writing course in Spanish (010, 011, 022, 023) at Swarthmore prior to going abroad.

Students should meet with a Spanish faculty member to plan this study abroad and find the program that best suits their academic needs and interests. Students can choose from a wide range of destinations in Latin America and Spain from the list of approved programs that appears below.

Swarthmore students interested in enrolling in study abroad programs in Latin America or Spain and seeking to be accredited by the Spanish section, need to follow the policies and accreditation procedures. Majors and minors should check the academic requirements section for specific regulations. Upon returning from abroad, majors or minors must enroll in an advanced literature course in the section.

*Waiver of the study abroad requirement for students of Spanish: Majors and minors of Spanish who cannot go abroad for one semester due to academic or other constrains, should speak to the Section Head to discuss their circumstances. In special cases, depending on the student’s language proficiency, the study abroad requirement may be waived or fulfilled with a summer-long study abroad program identified and approved by the Section. For summer programs, only one relevant course taken abroad may count towards fulfillment of the minor or major. Please consult with the Section Head if you have any questions.


Approved Programs in Spanish Speaking Countries

Argentina | Chile | Costa Rica | Cuba | Mexico | Peru | Spain | Uruguay


Buenos Aires

CIEE Liberal Arts Program in Buenos Aires
Middlebury School in Buenos Aires (All University Programs: UBA, UCA, and Torcuato di Tella)


Middlebury in Córdoba


IFSA-Butler Mendoza Universities Program

IFSA-Butler Chilean Universities Program, Santiago
Middlebury School in Chile
Tufts in Chile
Costa Rica
IFSA-Butler Costa Rica Study Abroad Program at Universidad Nacional
Brown in Cuba - CASA Program
Sarah Lawrence College in Cuba
Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City
IFSA-Butler Study Abroad at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


Brown in Barcelona - CASA Spain


Brown in Granada - CASA Spain
Bucknell en España


Hamilton College Academic Year in Spain
Middlebury School in Spain: Madrid (All University Programs)
NYU Madrid
Tufts-Skidmore in Spain


Arcadia University – Fundación Ortega-Marañón – Toledo
Middlebury School in Uruguay

Note: There are many other good quality programs in Spain that can be considered. Please see Professor Guardiola, or any Spanish faculty member, to consider other alternatives in different Spanish cities. Students interested in studying in Guatemala should contact Prof. Nanci Buiza to find a program.