Special Majors

Spanish and Educational Studies

The Spanish Program and the Department of Educational Studies prepare students who wish to pursue a special major in Spanish and Educational Studies, and also those who are seeking certification to teach Spanish in primary and secondary schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the 45 states with which Pennsylvania certification is reciprocal.

The following courses of studies are available:

  • Course Special Major in Spanish and Educational Studies¬†
  • Course Special Major in Spanish and Educational Studies with Secondary Teacher Certification¬†
  • Course Major in Spanish, and Educational Studies Minor with Secondary Teacher Certification

Review department specific requirements for Spanish & Educational Studies [pdf].

Special Major in Linguistics & Languages

Spanish requirements:

  1. 3 credits numbered above 022.
  2. One of the 3 credits must be SPAN 22 or 23 but not both.
  3. Courses in translation will not count towards the fulfillment of the 3-credit requirement.
  4. In special circumstances, by permission of the Spanish section, one of the intermediate courses (008, 010, 011) could count toward the 3-credit requirement.
  5. If the student is pursuing study abroad in a Spanish speaking country, only one literature course taken abroad that pertains to the curriculum of the Spanish section may count toward fulfillment of the three-credit requirement. For full immersion, all courses taken abroad must be taken in Spanish. (Advanced language courses taken abroad may receive Spanish credit but will not count toward the special major's three-credit requirement.)

View department specific requirements for Special Major in Linguistics & Languages.