Special Majors

Students have the possibility of designing a special major, such as Spanish and Latin American Studies; Spanish within Comparative Literature; Spanish and Linguistics; etc.

Special Major in Spanish and Educational Studies

The Spanish Program prepares students who wish to pursue a special major in Spanish and Educational Studies, and also those who are seeking certification to teach Spanish in primary and secondary schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the 45 states with which Pennsylvania certification is reciprocal.

Requirements for the Special Major in Spanish and Educational Studies

  1. Complete six courses in Spanish. None of those courses may be taught in English.
  2. A student may only count one of these courses for the major: 008, 010 or 011.
  3. Complete a minimum of five courses in Educational Studies.
  4. Prepare a thesis on a topic related to Spanish language pedagogy for one credit with the Department of Educational Studies, submitted to both departments..

    Note: The Special Major does not constitute preparation toward certification.

Requirements for the Special Major in Spanish and Educational Studies with Teaching Certification

In addition to the requirements of the Department of Educational Studies (Introduction to Education; Educational Psychology; Adolescence; one additional course in Educational Studies; and Curriculum and Methods/Practice Teaching), including taking Linguistics 001, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete the requirements for the Spanish major. No course taught in English, however, may be included among the 6-credit total.
  2. By the middle of the fall semester of the senior year, complete 10 hours of observation of language classes in the Spanish Program in consultation with the Spanish adviser.
  3. Under the guidance of the Spanish adviser, write a short paper on the relevance of observed pedagogical approaches to a K-12 Spanish classroom.
  4. In consultation with the Spanish adviser, as a culminating exercise, develop a set of original teaching materials with the following criteria:
    • Focus on a grammar topic and a specific aspect of language acquisition, such as listening comprehension, speaking skills, discrete reading or writing.
    • Incorporate a variety of class exercises or activities.
    • Take into account different learning styles.
    • The total volume of this portfolio may be the equivalent of a 15-20 page paper.