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Spring 2015

Physics courses offered in Spring 2015
PHYS 004 General Physics II
PHYS 004L General Physics II: with Biological and Medical Applications (Moodle)
PHYS 008 Electricity, Magnetism, & Waves
PHYS 013* Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 015* Optics
PHYS 017* Mathematical Methods of Physics
PHYS 018* Quantum Mechanics
PHYS 081*, 082*, 083* Advanced Lab I, II, and I & II
PHYS 113 Quantum Theory
PHYS 114 Statistical Physics
PHYS 130 General Relativity
Astronomy courses offered in Spring 2015
ASTR 061* Current Problems in Astronomy & Astrophysics (class website)
ASTR 125 Stars in the Interstellar Medium (class website)

*Half-credit course

Fall 2015

Physics courses offered in Fall 2015
PHYS 002M FYS: Medical Physics
PHYS 003 General Physics I
PHYS 003L General Physics I with Biological Applications
PHYS 005 Spacetime and Quanta
PHYS 007 Introductory Mechanics
PHYS 024 Earth's Climate and Global Warming
PHYS 063* Procedures in Experimental Physics
PHYS 081*, 082*, 083* Advanced Lab I, II, and I & II
PHYS 095* Introduction to Science Pedagogy
PHYS 111 Analytical Dynamics
PHYS 112 Electrodynamics
PHYS 134 Introduction to Nuclear Physics
Astronomy courses offered in Fall 2015
ASTR 001 Introductory Astronomy
ASTR 016 Modern Astrophysics (class website)

*Half-credit course

Spring 2016

The spring 2016 course schedule is not yet available, but it will be similar to the Spring 2015 schedule, though with Biological Physics (Phys 139) as the elective seminar and with Astro 121: Observational Techniques instead of Astro 125.

Course offerings are subject to change.

In future years, the course offerings will be similar to what is listed here for the current year. The courses we anticipate offering every year include Physics 3 (and 3L), 5, 7, 111, and 112 each fall, and in the spring Physics 4 (and 4L), 8, 13, 15, 17, 18, 113, and 114, with additional FYSs, 20-level courses, and advanced seminars (130-level) seminars each semester as staffing permits.

Astronomy 16 will be offered every fall and Astronomy 61 every spring. Astronomy 1 will be offered at least one semester each year (though not always in the fall), and each upper level astronomy seminar will be offered once every fourth semester.  Additionally, directed reading (PHYS or ASTR 93) and research projects (PHYS or ASTR 94) opportunities are available for students each semester, by arrangement with individual faculty members.

Our department faculty also teach classes with physics and astronomy content in Environmental Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies.