Colloquium Schedule

Spring 2015

Solar Wind Research at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Robert Wicks, NASA GSFC
Fri., Feb. 6, 2015, 12:30 PM

The solar wind is the hot, tenuous and turbulent plasma that is emitted by the Sun. I will review how the solar wind is formed and how the solar wind and solar variability cause space weather at the Earth. I will then describe some recent results looking at the small-scale variability and turbulence of the solar wind and what we have learned about plasma physics from launching spacecraft into deep space. We will try to answer questions like: How big is the solar system? What is a solar flare? What is space weather and should we worry about it? Finally, I will discuss upcoming missions and opportunities for students who would like to work at NASA in the future.

See the Goddard Space Flight Center's website for more information about the physics research done there. 

More talks to be announced soon