Resident Assistants

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Resident Assistants (RA) serve a key role at Swarthmore. They help build student residential culture, act as confidants and supporters, and partner with the administration as needed.

There are important financial considerations related to the job of being a Resident Assistant. If you plan to work as a Resident Assistant, here are some key pieces of information to understand.  

2016–17 Resident Assistant Compensation

Resident Assistants will be compensated $7,410 for their work during the 2016–17 academic year: $4,500 of the total $7,410 will appear as a credit on your bill ($2,250 each semester) and you will be paid $2,910 ($1,455 each semester) via student payroll for your personal expenses. If a campus job and/or a summer earnings contribution (sometimes called a “self-help” element of the financial aid award) is part of your aid award, then your RA compensation replaces that element and being an RA does not impact your Swarthmore Scholarship. However, if you do not have a self-help component in your financial aid award, then being an RA may affect your Swarthmore Scholarship.

Tax Considerations

The compensation you receive for your work as a Resident Assistant is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service and must be reported on your federal income tax return, if you file one. The $2,910 paid to you directly through student payroll will be reported on your Swarthmore College W-2 wage statement form. The $4,500 credited directly to your College bill is not reported on your W-2, and must be accounted for separately on your federal income tax return.