Outside Scholarships

Most of our students qualify for merit scholarships available from outside scholarship sources. About $950,000 in such outside awards come to the College each year. Many announcements about these awards are not made until June; we will coordinate that new resource into our aid offer at that time. Be sure to keep us advised when you receive outside support.

The Internet may be a helpful tool in identifying scholarship opportunities, www.fastweb.com and www.collegeboard.com offer free searches of their large data bases of scholarship opportunites.

Prospective students should check with their high school's college counseling office for information about local community civic or club scholarships. Some employers offer scholarships to children of their employees, so check with parents' employers. Religious organizations may offer scholarships to their members, so ask there as well.

How Outside Aid Impacts Financial Aid Awards

For recipients of outside scholarhips first determine the type of outside scholarship:

  • Entitlements such as federal grants, employer tuition grants and state scholarships will replace our Swarthmore Scholarship dollar for dollar.
  • Merit based outside scholarships are incorporated in the following manner:
    • Swarthmore's policy is to apply the first $500, plus half of the remainder of your total outside merit-based assistance toward the self-help elements -- either the expected summer earning contribution or the campus job opportunity--of our aid decision and the balance replaces Swarthmore Scholarship.

For example, if you receive notice of a $1,000 local community scholarship after we have met your demonstrated need with an award consisting of a $35,960 Swarthmore Scholarship and a $1,920 campus job opportunity, our revision would look like this:

Aid Type Original Award Adjusted Award
Swarthmore Scholarship $35,960 $35,710
Work opportunity $1,920 $1,170
Merit based Local community scholarship $0 $1,000
Total aid $37,880 $37,880

Conversely, adjustments made to include merit-based outside scholarship in our aid award will be reversed if you do not receive these anticipated funds.