Selected Faculty Publications

Rosaria Munson, "Persians in Thucydides". In Thucydides and Herodotus, edited by Edith Foster and Donald Lateiner.

Rosaria Munson, "An alternate world: Herodotus and Italy". In The Cambridge Companion to Herodotus, edited by Carolyn Dewald and John Marincola.

Rosaria Munson, Black Doves Speak: Herodotus and the Languages of Barbarians

Rosaria Munson, ed. Oxford Readings in Classical Studies: Herodotus: Volume 1.

Rosaria Munson, ed. Oxford Readings in Classical Studies Herodotus: Volume 2.

Rosaria Munson, Telling Wonders: Ethnographic and Political Discourse in the Work of Herodotus

Grace Ledbetter, Achilles' Self-Address: Iliad 16.7-19

Grace Ledbetter, Reasons and Causes in Plato

Grace Ledbetter, Poetics Before Plato: Interpretation and Authority in Early Greek Theories of Poetry

Grace Ledbetter, Review of Isabelle Loring Wallace, Jennie Hirsh (ed.), Contemporary Art and Classical Myth 

Grace Ledbetter, Review of Fiona MacIntosh (ed.), The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World: Responses to Greek and Roman Dance [pdf] 

William Turpin, Croesus, Xerxes, and the Denial of Death (Herodotus 1.29–34; 7.44–53).

William Turpin, Ovid, Amores Book 1 (online commentary, 2012): Dickinson College CommentariesReviewed in Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

William Turpin, Ovid and his Muse in Amores 1.1

Jeremy Lefkowitz, Aesop And Animal Fables. In The Oxford Handbook of Animals in Classical Thought and Life, edited by G. L. Campbell.  

Jeremy Lefkowitz,  Phaedrus, The Fabulist. In The Literary Encyclopedia, edited by R. Clark.

Jeremy Lefkowitz,  Review of Le bestiaire d'Aristophane by C. Corbel-Morana.

Jeremy Lefkowitz, Ugliness and Value in the Life of Aesop. In Kakos: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity , edited by I. Sluiter and R.M. Rosen.


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