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Off-Campus Study

A semester of off-campus study is usually possible for majors in classics. The department is a member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, and encourages students in their junior year to participate, preferably in the fall semester. The ICCS program offers traditional courses in Greek, Latin, Italian and renaissance and baroque art history, and a required two-credit course based on first-hand exposure to the archeological and artistic monuments of the ancient world to be found in Rome, the Bay of Naples, and Sicily.


The department regularly sponsors students in independent summer research, often in cooperation with a faculty member. It regularly supports the summer study of Latin and Greek at other institutions, especially at the intermediate and introductory levels. In particular our students have had success with intensive summer courses in elementary Latin and Greek at Berkeley, CUNY, and University College, Cork, Ireland. The department has also supported students participating in archeological excavations of classical sites, including in recent years the Anglo-American Project at Pompeii and the SMU / Franklin and Marshall field school at Poggio Colla in Tuscany.

Links to summer programs recently attended by Swarthmore students:


"This summer, thanks to generous funding from the Classics Department, I was able to participate in the Summer Greek Workshop at UC Berkeley. This was my first time studying ancient Greek. After six grueling weeks of memorizing grammar, syntax and vocabulary about eleven hours a day, every day, we were rewarded with four weeks of literature electives. I spent these weeks reading Homer (excerpts from the Iliad) and Plato (excerpts from Symposium). As someone who's dreamed of reading the Iliad in Greek since she was fourteen, I couldn't have asked for a better summer!"

Sarah Geselowitz '16