General information about course offerings

Greek. Each semester we offer Greek at the elementary level (Greek 001 and 002), at the intermediate level (Greek 011 and 012) and at the advanced level. Teaching at the advanced level is typially an Honors seminar in the Fall (open to all qualified students) and the Classical Studies seminar plus attachment in the Spring.

Latin. Each semester we offer Latin at the elementary level (Latin 001 and 002), at the intermediate level, and we offer an Honors seminar (open to all qualified students). We also offer a directed reading for students at the advanced intermediate level; students are encouraged to discuss their interests with the department chair.

Ancient History. Each semester we offer one course in Ancient History (typically Greek history in the Fall and Roman history in the Spring). Students may combine any course with a research paper ("attachment") to create a 2-credit unit for the Honors program or the Course major.

Classical Studies. Courses in Greek, Latin, and Ancient History can be part of any Classical Studies program. In addition, we offer at least one Classical Studies course (In English translation) every Fall, and a capstone seminar (open to all students but with preference given to those with at least one course in the field) in the Spring.