Fall & Winter Early Decision Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Is there an advantage in the financial aid process for students who apply early decision?

A.  No, there is no advantage or disadvantage. The College reads early decision and regular decision financial aid applications in the very same manner, and awards aid in the very same way for both applicant groups.   The amount awarded is not affected by the admission cycle you choose.


Q.  Will I receive a financial aid decision by the time I must enroll at Swarthmore?

A.   If you meet the financial aid application dates stated above, you will receive our best estimate of your first year aid eligibility with your admission decision. Your tentative aid decision will be corrected and finalized after we receive your parents’ actual 2014 income and tax documents.


Q.  I understand that if I am admitted in the early decision process, I am committed to enrolling.  What if I cannot afford to enroll?

A.  If you cannot afford to enroll then you may request a formal release from your enrollment commitment so you can be free to  apply to other schools.


Q.  What is the average aid award Swarthmore has granted this year?

A.  Our average aid award to students enrolled this year is $43,250 but you are not average.  Not until our professional staff carefully reviews your family’s financial details can we decide the actual amount of support you may need.


Q.  Will my interests, successes, grades, or activities affect the amount of financial aid I might receive?

A.  Everything interesting and wonderful about you will be considered in the admission decision.  Our financial aid decision, however, will consider only your family’s financial situation.