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Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student? You can email a student to find out what it's like to live and learn in our inspiring campus community. (If you're a transfer student, check out Ask a Swattie: Transfer Edition.) In addition, be sure to check out our student blog, SwatStories

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Lelosa Aimufua

Lelosa Aimufua ‘20 is from Los Angeles, CA. She is a prospective Political Science major. “I'm a first year from Los Angeles California, who came in as a Biology major and is currently undecided. I'm leaning more towards the social sciences, such as political science, education, and sociology/anthropology. I'm a member of the women's varsity volleyball team, SASS, and SASA. In the coming year I hope to get more involved on the campus I proudly call 'home.'” Her email address is:

Judy Al

Judy Al ‘19 is from Toronto, Canada. She is a Honors Chemistry major with a minor in Honors Political Science. “I began my first research experience this past summer in the Swarthmore Chemistry department, looking at the phenomenon of quorum sensing. In addition to working as a researcher throughout the year, I also hold a job with the Math department as a grader. Outside of academics, I am the treasurer for Global Health Forum, and have also been involved with the Swarthmore Women's Ultimate Team.” Her email address is:

Celine Anderson

Celine Anderson ‘19 is from Roanoke, VA. She is a Sociology & Anthropology major. “When I'm not in class, I spend my time running SSUCC, the Swarthmore Stand Up Comedy Club, and participating on the board for WOCKA (Women of Color Keep Achieving). I am also a proud member of AMENA (Arab, Middle Eastern, North African Students Organization) as well as SASS (Swarthmore African American Student Society). Shoot me an email if you have any questions about anything at all!” Her email address is:

Jen Beltran

Jen Beltran '18 is from Ontario, California. She is a double major in Economics and Spanish. Outside the classroom, Jen participates in indoor and outdoor track and field, and is a Diversity Peer Advisor, van driver, Spanish tutor, Quest Scholars treasurer. She also is involved in ENLACE, a Latino/a student organization. Her email address is:

Kendell Byrd

Kendell Byrd ‘17 is from Flossmoor, IL. She is a Computer Science and Economics major. “At Swarthmore, I am a part of Boy Meets Tractor, Swat's sketch comedy group, as well as a Co-Coordinator of Drama Board, a Residential Assistant, and on Women's Club Soccer. In the past, I have been a part of SAC (Social Affairs Committee) and have done engineering research in the field of Geographic Information Systems.” Her email address is:

Guillermo Barreto Corona

Guillermo Barreto Corona ‘19 is from Bellevue, WA. He is a double major in Biology and Computer Science. “Last summer I had the opportunity to work in the Biology department on research about the functions of novel proteins in sea anemone. Outside of class and research, I create art in the forms of drawing and photography. I’m on the board of Swarthmore Organization of Low-Income Students (SOLIS), am a Diversity Peer Advisor, and am a member of a lot of other groups in the Intercultural Center. Doing research within the Biology Department and presenting it here and at conferences has allowed me to discover a passion in Computational Biology, which I will hopefully pursue in graduate school at some point in my life.” His email address is:

Sydney Covitz

Sydney Covitz ‘20 is from Washington, D.C. and has not declared a major yet. “I play on the Women's Varsity Soccer team and run indoor track here at Swat. I also write a column for the student-run newspaper and am planning on trying out for the orchestra this semester. I love journalism and worked at The Washington Post this summer, but I also discovered this fall that I may be interested in pursuing either engineering or computer science. I tried an engineering class this fall and fell in love. I am going to continue with engineering this semester but also take writing classes including political science and English literature.” Her email address is:

Spriha Dhanuka

Spriha Dhanuka ‘17 is from Calcutta, India. She is an Honors History major and a Film and Media Studies course major. “Outside of the classroom, I am a member of several clubs, but I spend the majority of my time being a varsity softball player. I also work as many as three jobs during the year. Swarthmore has given me the direction and drive I need to continue my education in law school in the Fall of 2017. My dream career is to be an elder law attorney with a focus on special needs planning as well. This is particularly important to me because older people are often victims in our system as it relates to health care, custody, and end of life care. I want to even the playing field and use my education to help those who have contributed so much to society but need more help in their later years." Her email address is:

Amelia Estrada

Amelia Estrada '17 is from Boxborough, MA, and is an Honors Dance major with an Honors minor in Classical Studies. Her email address is:

"During the summer of 2015 I was awarded a grant by the College to make a new piece while attending the American Dance Festival. Outside of my academics, I participate in WOCKA (an affinity group for women of color), am an intern in the sports medicine office, horseback ride, and teach free dance classes for students who could not otherwise afford it. My campus jobs include being a tour guide, presenting information sessions for the Admissions Office, and being a teaching assistant for dance classes."

Rebecca Ford

Rebecca Ford ‘19 is from Baldwin (Long Island), NY. She is a Linguistics major and a Philosophy minor. “I am Feeder of the Flame (Treasurer) of PhiRo, which is the bonfire club on campus. I am also a member of the Chorus and Select Chorus where I sing Alto and Tenor, and belong to an array of cultural groups here. I love being part of the small community Swarthmore provides as it gives me more of an opportunity to become much closer with my peers and instructors.” Her email address is:

Gil Guerra

Gil Guerra Guerra ‘19 is from Forrest County, MS. He is a Political Science major. “Hi! I'm a sophomore from Mississippi that somehow wound up at Swarthmore. Here on campus I'm co-president of a leadership club for Black and Latino men, president of the Salsa dance club, intern for our Center of Innovation and Leadership, and am active in the Conservative society and Catholic life. Looking forward to your questions!” His email address is:

Kelly Hernandez

Kelly Hernandez '18 is from Mid-City, Los Angeles, CA. Kelly is a double major in Art and Biology & Education (special major). Her email address is:

"I am currently doing research in the Biology department and am looking at the effect of endosymbiotic algae movement when a certain protein (collagen) in sea anemones is denatured. In addition to research, my other campus jobs are as a Writing Associate and the trip coordinator for Pericles Powerpush (a Lang-funded group that promotes solidarity between students and people affected by fossil fuel extraction). I am also an active member of the Newman Catholic Center, Kappa Alpha Theta, the IC-BCC Coalition (a group demanding administrative support and visibility for marginalized groups on campus), and the marketing officer for Swarthmore's QuestBridge Chapter (a national low-income scholar network)."

Tiauna Lewis

Tiauna Lewis ‘19 is from Lincoln, NE. She is a Prospective Black Studies major and Arabic language minor. “I am a QuestBridge scholar and a Richard Rubin Scholar. My primary interests are African American history and Arabic language and literatures. I am a Diversity Peer Advisor, a First-In-Family Programming Intern, and a librarian at the Black Cultural Center and McCabe Library. I participate in OASIS, our spoken word collective, as well as our competitive, internationally recognized slam poetry team. I am constantly reflecting on life as a first-generation college student, low-income, person of color here at Swarthmore, a place I love and care deeply about.” Her email address is:

Isaac Little

Isaac Little ‘17 is from Durham, NC. He is a double major in Engineering and Math. “I work two campus jobs; I am a director for Swaudio (our student run campus audio organization) and a student worker for the Lang Performing Arts Center. I am a member of the men's rugby team and TOPSoccer (a program where Swarthmore students play soccer games with local children with disabilities). During the summer after my freshman year, I converted a pickup truck into an electric vehicle. After my sophomore year, I did machine learning research with a Swarthmore engineering professor. This past summer, I worked as an intern at the National Renewable Energy Lab focusing on solar energy optimization. This spring, I will be working on my E90 project, a design project for Engineering majors completed in the spring of your senior year. I will be designing a Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) algorithm that will forecast the amount of solar energy available for electricity generation based off ground measurements.” His email address is:

Thomas McGovern

Thomas McGovern ‘17 is from Williamsburg, VA. He is an Honors Sociology/Anthropology major with an Honors minor in Political Science and a course minor in Peace & Conflict Studies. “Outside of the classroom, I spend my time competing on the Varsity Men's Swim Team, as well as singing as a member of Offbeat Acapella. I am also highly involved in student affairs, where I work at the College Writing Center and as an RA. I enjoy coffee and long meals in the dining hall.” His email address is:

Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer ‘18 is from Asheville, NC. He is a Honors Physics major and an Honors Economics minor. “I play baseball for the college as a middle infielder. It's a huge part of my life and I consider my teammates to be my family away from home. When I'm not in class or on the field, I work as a Student Academic Mentor (or SAM for short). It's our job to assist our peers with all of their academic needs, from registering for classes to communicating with professors. I also love to cook, read, and exercise for fun!” His email address is:

Clarissa Phillips

Clarissa Phillips ‘19 is from Watertown, MA. She is a prospective course major in Sociology & Anthropology with course minors in Computer Science and Psychology. “I've spent my time at Swat thus far pursuing every avenue of interest that is available to me. I've taken everything from Lighting Design in the Theatre department to Intro to Cognitive Science. When I'm not diving deeper into my studies I am probably singing with Offbeat, the college's newest a cappella group, the College Chorus or the Garnet Singers. I also work as a grill cook and server at Sharples, as well as a Student Shuttle Driver. I truly believe in getting the most out of your liberal arts experience and exploring everything and anything that interests you. If you are worried about choosing an academic path, or just want to know more about the different kinds subjects available to you feel free to contact me!” Her email address is:

Sara Planthaber

Sara Planthaber ‘17 is from Chester Springs, PA. She is a double course major in Political Science and Psychology. “I chose to be a double major in political science and psychology because I not only wanted to study political behavior, trends, and history, but I also wanted to know why people vote the way they do and why certain areas of the world tend to have more conflict than others. Human behavior is so interesting to me and I love learning about what makes humans alike and different.” Her email address is:

Jordan Reyes

Jordan Reyes ‘19 is from El Paso, TX. He is a double course major in Biology and Sociology & Anthropology. “I have done research in the neurobiology lab looking at the effects environmental modulators have on female drosophila sexual receptivity. Outside of the classroom, I am on the varsity men's track team, I’m a tour guide, and I have a radio show. Also, I am on the board of a new social organizing group on campus called NuWave that's dedicated to creating safe, inclusive, and consent mandating spaces on campus.” His email address is:

Jasmin Rodriguez-Schroeder

Jasmin Rodriguez-Schroeder ’17 is from Los Angeles, CA. She is an Art History major with minors in German Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. “Outside of the classroom, I work in the List Gallery, play music with friends, and volunteer for Chester Youth Courts. I've also worked in the Admissions Office as a Senior Fellow. I spent last fall studying abroad in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria!” Her email address is:

Anna Scheibmeir

Anna Scheibmeir ‘18 is from Centralia, WA. She is a Honors Political Science major and a course Psychology major with an Honors minor in Psychology minor. “I am a political nerd fascinated by the intersection of political science and psychology - hence my double major in those two areas. I spent summer '16 working for Congressman Denny Heck on Capitol Hill and fall '16 studying abroad at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. I conducted research through the Psychology department studying perceptual biases in children and I am planning to participate in further research in political psychology. Outside of the classroom I am a member of the women's varsity tennis team and have been involved with some of our dance groups and productions on campus. I also work for the admissions office as a head tour guide and I am a member of the Student Access Advisory Board.” Her email address is:

Austen Van Burns

Austen Van Burns ‘17 is from Kimball Junction, UT. “I'm an Honors Classical Studies major and Honors Ancient History minor, and I'm also an extremely active member of the German department. I work in the Interlibrary Loan department of McCabe library. I'm always open to book recommendations! After I graduate, I'd like to join the foreign service.” Her email address is: