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Want to learn more about Swarthmore by speaking directly with a current student? You can email a student to find out what it's like to live and learn in our inspiring campus community. (If you're a transfer student, check out Ask a Swattie: Transfer Edition.) In addition, be sure to check out our student blog, SwatStories

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Jen Beltran

Jen Beltran '18 is from Ontario, California. She is a double major in Economics and Spanish. Outside the classroom, Jen participates in indoor and outdoor track and field, and is a Diversity Peer Advisor, van driver, Spanish tutor, Quest Scholars treasurer. She also is involved in ENLACE, a Latino/a student organization. Her email address is:

Min Cheng

Min Cheng '18, is from Baltimore County, MD, and is a Sociology/Anthropology/Educational Studies and Economics double major. Her email address is and her website is

"I have spent the first two years of my college experience trying out different departments, and have finally settled on an academic program that includes three of my passions. Other passions include vocal music (Chorus, Garnet Singers, Mixed Company a cappella, voice lessons, and performing in an opera called Dido and Aeneas this semester) and working for the Admissions Office in various capacities, including as a Multicultural Recruitment Intern. 

College access is extremely important to me, as is education reform in general. I did a great externship at Let’s Get Ready, a college access and success nonprofit serving low-income high school and college students throughout the northeast. My experience there solidified that I want a job working towards societal equity, and being a Multicultural Recruitment Intern with the Admissions Office is a great starting point for that."

Amelia Estrada

Amelia Estrada '17 is from Boxborough, MA, and is an Honors Dance major with an Honors minor in Classical Studies. Her email address is:

"During the summer of 2015 I was awarded a grant by the College to make a new piece while attending the American Dance Festival. Outside of my academics, I participate in WOCKA (an affinity group for women of color), am an intern in the sports medicine office, horseback ride, and teach free dance classes for students who could not otherwise afford it. My campus jobs include being a tour guide, presenting information sessions for the Admissions Office, and being a teaching assistant for dance classes."

Kelly Hernandez

Kelly Hernandez '18 is from Mid-City, Los Angeles, CA. Kelly is a double major in Art and Biology & Education (special major). Her email address is:

"I am currently doing research in the Biology department and am looking at the effect of endosymbiotic algae movement when a certain protein (collagen) in sea anemones is denatured. In addition to research, my other campus jobs are as a Writing Associate and the trip coordinator for Pericles Powerpush (a Lang-funded group that promotes solidarity between students and people affected by fossil fuel extraction). I am also an active member of the Newman Catholic Center, Kappa Alpha Theta, the IC-BCC Coalition (a group demanding administrative support and visibility for marginalized groups on campus), and the marketing officer for Swarthmore's QuestBridge Chapter (a national low-income scholar network)."

Dayna Horsey

Dayna Horsey '18 is from Lancaster, PA and is a Sociology/Anthropology major and Gender and Sexuality Studies and Psychology minor. Her email is:

“When I am not in class, I am involved with Swarthmore Progressive Christians, Swarthmore Christian Fellowship, Interfaith, Swarthmore African-American Students Society, W.O.C.K.A (a solidarity group for women of color), Gospel Choir, and Sexual Health Advocates. My jobs on campus include being a Multicultural Recruitment Intern for the Admissions Office, Information Technology Services Associate, and Lang Performing Arts Center student worker. I am interested in social justice and human rights, particularly as they intersect with gender and race. On a different note, I am also passionate about musical theater, and the technical aspects of theatrical production."

Grant Torre

Grant Torre '17 is from Southern California and is a Film and Media Studies major with a minor in Psychology. His email address is:

"I am involved in Rhythm n' Motion, The Daily Gazette, and Boy Meets Tractor. I hope to one day work in television development and production and have an uncanny love for Google Calendars and Twitter (seriously, follow @granttorre)."