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Five Principles for Swarthmore’s Future

  • Swarthmore acts to advance uncompromising excellence in the study of the liberal arts, embracing both rigorous inquiry and imaginative thinking.
  • Swarthmore cultivates an intentional substantive community in order to shape engaged and thoughtful leaders who will contribute to a more just, civil, and inclusive world.
  • Swarthmore recognizes that the faculty is critical to ensuring the excellence of the academic program. Our professors should be dedicated to teaching undergraduates while pursuing research, scholarly writing, and creative production in the arts.
  • Swarthmore strives to enroll students who will thrive intellectually, socially, and personally while helping enrich our community. We value access as an individual opportunity for students and as an institutional responsibility to educate students who—collectively—represent the world.
  • Swarthmore maintains its tradition of bold leadership in undergraduate education in order to create practical, visionary solutions to the most complex issues confronting our world.

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