Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Swarthmore College helps many students finance their education with student loans and scholarships. Now, in an effort to further help students meet their college expenses, we offer a voluntary monthly payment plan.

The Swarthmore Monthly College Payment Plan (SCPP) enables families to pay all College-billed expenses in regular monthly payments. SCPP allows parents to determine how much of their annual tuition, room, board and fee they may want to pay in installments. This will afford families the ability to budget annual costs to best fit their individual needs.

No Interest Charges

SCPP provides all of the benefits of a monthly payment plan without charging interest. By making monthly payments affordable out of "current income," the SCPP will help you avoid additional borrowing. The only cost is a $60 annual application fee to cover administration expenses associated with SCPP.


All questions concerning the Swarthmore College Monthly Payment Plan should be directed to the Student Accounts Office. Please call Maria McBride at (610) 328-8394 weekdays from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Here's How to Apply

Step 1: Using the SCPP application worksheet [pdf], determine the amount of annual costs you wish to budget in equal monthly payments.

Remember this is only an estimate.

We recognize some financial aid may not have been awarded at the time you apply for the SCPP. Therefore, your budget amount may be adjusted upward or downward at a later date with a simple phone call or email to our Student Accounts Office.

Step 2: Complete the application , Detach and return it by May 1st along with a check for your first installment plus the $60 application fee payable to:

Swarthmore College
P.O. Box 821288
Philadelphia, PA 19182-1288

Step 3: Upon receipt of your application and initial payment, Swarthmore College will establish your account and furnish you with information for the remaining payments.

Please read the SCPP Terms and Conditions before enrolling. Payments will be due on the 1st of each month. A $5.00 late fee will be assessed for any payment received after the due date. SCPP will close on February 1st and any outstanding balance will be transferred to the student's tuition account.

Late Enrollment

If you wish to take advantage of this monthly payment plan you are urged to make application by May 1. Please note that late enrollment in the plan will increase the monthly payment.

Late enrollment in the plan is accomplished by: 1) dividing the "Amount Needed to Budget" from your worksheet on page 5, by the appropriate number of remaining payments in the plan shown in the table below, 2) enter this amount on line "B" of the application and, 3) return the completed application together with your first monthly payment and the $60 application fee.

Application Date Remaining Payments

May 2 to June 1: 9

June 2 to July 1: 8

July 2 to August 1: 7

No enrollment application will be accepted after August 1. If a student is on leave Fall semester, a 5-month plan may be initiated before Oct. 1 for Spring.