from Yakov Protazanov's film Aèlita

* A weekly contribution to the course blog, equivalent to about 1 or 1 1/2 pages in a word processor. If you feel shy about sharing, give me a page or two of written or typed notes, due each Thursday at the beginning of class.

* Short paper (5-7 pp.) or equivalent web presentation, due February 26. Let me know if you would find it helpful to see a list of possible topics.

* Short answer take-home midtern exam, self-scheduled, due March 26.

*One longer paper (10-12 pp.) or equivalent web presentation, due April 16. Topic: compare/contrast one work we're reading to one we aren't; OR to a similar work from the Western tradition; OR to a TV or film adaptation.

* One additional project, chosen from the following possibilities, due on May 2:

* Imaginary translation: make up a science fiction writer and cwrite a 5-6 page story by him or her, accompanied by a brief (and not implausible!) biography;
* If you know one of the relevant languages well enough, a genuine translation (5-6 pages plus a brief biographical/critical introduction of the author;
* A 5-6 page definition of SF, citing examples of the traits you identify as necessary and sufficient from the works we read. amd reacting to definitions you have found (Suvin, others). (Include a bibliography.)
* A 5-6 page review of a work we read, or a film from the series (or of some other work - consult first with the instructor).

* Final examination (short answer and essay): a 3-hour self-scheduled exam, due to me by May 18 (OR by the end of Bi-Co finals).

* Extra credit: collect and prepare info on a writer of SF from Russia, East Europe or Central Asia (who's available in English translation) for use in future editions of this course. OR: translate a short story that is not yet available in English. To be arranged after talking with the instructor.