Lang and Cornell Visiting Professorships

Parrish Beach

The Julien and Virginia Cornell Visiting Professorship brings professors or lecturers from other nations and cultures to the college for a semester or a year. The Eugene M. Lang Visiting Professorship brings to the campus an outstanding social scientist or other suitably qualified person who has achieved prominence and special recognition in the area of social change. Lang Professors may be appointed from a semester for up to 3 years.

In September the Associate Provost invites faculty nominations for the Cornell Visiting Professorship. The Executive Director of the Lang Center will invite faculty nominations for the Lang Visiting Professor. Normally nominations occur two or three years in advance, enabling the College to accomodate the complexities of people's professional lives in scheduling. Faculty must submit a letter of nomination and a CV to the associate provost. The chair of the home department must also write a letter in support of the nomination. Visiting professors teach one course per semester and receive free housing.

The selection is made by the Provost, Associate Provost, and Division chairs. While the principal criteria for selection are excellence and fit with other aspects of the college, some consideration is given to college and departmental curricular needs and to how recently a given department has hosted a Lang or Cornell Professor. The visiting professor must be housed in a department, program, or concentration. That means that the department must show solid support for having this person in residence and a willingness to offer departmental credit for the course(s) the person teaches. The department must also understand that while the College can and will provide some administrative, financial, and social support, the major responsibility for this must rest with the department hosting the visitor.