Special Majors

Applications for special majors in Peace and Conflict Studies are considered on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to propose a special major may consult with the program coordinator and should identify a sponsoring faculty member in the early stages of developing the major.

Students must complete the Peace and Conflict Studies Special Major application form and meet with the program coordinator during their sophomore year.  

Include the names, email, and phone numbers of two Swarthmore faculty members who can be contacted as references.

If you are proposing an honors special major, you must also complete the Peace and Conflict Studies special major form. This form requires that you describe your proposed preparation and explain why you believe it is appropriate, and how it is central to your study of peace and conflict. If your preparation involves two one-credit components, please explain how the components work together to constitute a cohesive preparation. 

Students may also plan an individualized special major to integrate the work across departmental boundaries, or a comprehensive examination.  In all cases, this final exercise will integrate the work done in Peace and Conflict Studies and the department involved. Students interested in an individualized special major must complete the Registrar's special major application and obtain signatures as required.