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Courses available at Bryn Mawr and Haverford

* IMPORTANT: "Asterisk" Courses marked with an asterisk (*) may be applied toward a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies if the student obtains written approval from the instructor and the program chair within the first two weeks of the semester. Download the appropriate form here. Course materials may be requested for confirmation after the course is completed.

† See notes on cross-listed courses: course minor, honors minor.

Spring 2015
Course Number Course Title
DANC 004 The Arts as Social Change [MUSI 006]
ECON 012 Game Theory and Strategic Behavior
ECON 151 International Economics*
ENGL 083 On Violence
HIST 027 Living with Total War: Europe 1912-1923
HIST 090O Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and U.S. involvement
PEAC 071B Research Seminar: Strategy and Non-Violent Struggle [SOCI 071B and POLS 081]
PEAC 090 Thesis
PEAC 093 Directed Reading
PEAC 180 Senior Honors Thesis [W]
PHIL 011 Moral Philosophy*
POLS 004 International Politics
POLS 067 Great Power Rivalry in 21st Century
POLS 075 Special Topics: Causes of War
POLS 112 Democratic Theory and Civic Engagement
PSYC 035 Social Psychology*
RELG 005 World Religions*
SOCI 010J War, Sport, and Masculine Identity
Fall 2015
Class Number Class Name
ECON 151 International Economics*
HIST 090O National Security Archive: South American Dirty Wars & U.S. Involvement
PEAC 015 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
PHIL 021 Social and Political Philosophy*
POLS 019 Democratic Theory and Practice
POLS 113 International Politics: War, Peace and Security
SOCI 025C Transforming Intractable Conflict
Spring 2016
Class Number Class Name
ECON 051 The International Economy
HIST 037 History and Memory: Perspectives on the Holocaust
PHIL 051 Human Rights and Atrocities
POLS 075 Causes of War
PSYC 035 Social Psychology*
RELG 100 Holy War, Martyrdom, and Suicide in Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Fall 2016
Course Number Course Name