All campus seder for night one, Upper Tarble, Monday April 10, 6:00 pm 
Second Seder, Bond Hall, Tuesday April 11, more traditional with matzo ball soup
Passover co-op happening all week, email for more information if you are planning to keep kosher and have not yet signed up.

Holy Week and Easter - local events

On Campus

Newman (Roman Catholic campus ministry)

Monday: Holy Hour in the CWR 11:00 pm-midnight

Tuesday: Holy Hour in the CWR 11:00 pm-midnight

Wednesday: Taize Prayer 7:30-8:30 pm at St. Raphaela Center

Thursday: Holy Thursday mass at Bryn Mawr at 5:00 pm; Holy Hour in the CWR 11:00pm-midnight

Friday: Stations of the Cross at Haverford at 7:00 pm; Holy Hour in the CWR 11:00pm-midnight

Saturday: Easter Vigil at 5pm at Swarthmore College in Bond Hall

If you're planning to attend any of the off-campus services on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, please fill out this survey to travel as a group.  

Swarthmore Christian Fellowship

Easter Sunrise Service- Sunday at 6 am in the Amphitheater

Easter dinner for all students! Easter Sunday, 6 pm in Upper Tarble. Cooking in Friends Meeting house begins at 2 pm. Contact Daniel Park to help cook.

Churches in the Ville -  Walking distance from campus

Swarthmore Presbyterian Church (next to baseball field and track)

Labyrinth Walks

Sunday, April 9-Saturday, April 15 Open all day; lighted for evening walks until 10:00 pm

Holy Week Communion Services

Monday, April 10 through Wednesday, April 12

7:30pm in Loeffler Chapel

Maundy Thursday, April 13

  • 6:30 pm  Pot-luck supper  in Fellowship Hall
  • 7:30 pm  Table Communion  in Fellowship Hall
  • 7:45 pm  Tenebrae Service  in the Sanctuary

Good Friday Service

7:30pm in the Sanctuary

Easter Sunday, April 16

  • Sunrise Garden Service, 7:00am in the Memorial Garden
  • Traditional Easter Worship, 9:00 & 11:00 am in the Sanctuary
Trinity Episcopal Church  (across from main entrance to college)

Wednesday, April 12:  9:30 am Holy Eucharist

Maundy Thursday, April 13:

  • 6 pm Potluck Agapé Dinner in Parish Hall
  • 7:30 pm Holy Eucharist w/ Choir and Stripping of the Altar

Good Friday, April 14:

7:30 pm Proper Liturgy of the day w/ Choir

Holy Saturday, April 15

Holy Communion from Reserve Sacrament after Altar Guild sets Easter Altar (10:00 am)

Easter Day, April 16

  • Easter Vigil-6:00 am
  • 9:15 Family Eucharist with flowering of the Cross by children
  • 11:00 am Festival Eucharist with Choir and chancel orchestra